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Apple Investor Relations Management

Thanks to iPod, iPhone and iPad, now Apple Inc. has again returned to claim it's thrown and it certainly has done so quiet effectively. Like the other big companies, the Apple Inc. also has their very own Apple Investor relations Management Department through which relationship with stakeholders is maintained. This is what is required to do by not only the Apple Inc. but also the other public limited companies of the world.

Through the IR Department, Investor Relationship Management is done by Apple. This department of Apple Inc. helps the company to inform both their internal and external stakeholders about the condition of the company. It informs about the financial condition, the market condition as well as the overall condition of the organization. This Department also handles the Apple press releases as they also disseminate company information to the media people too. The in-house Apple Investor Relations Department also deals with Apple Investor news too. They also have their very own website. The good thing is that through this website, all the interested parties can learn about how the companies are doing. Even the Apple Investor Relations Annual report from the year 2014 is given in there in PDF format. However, one should keep in mind that Apple Inc. does not create any kind of glossy annual reports. One can find the quarterly cash flow statement, income statement, balance sheet as well as all the financial information in the website.

Apple Investor Relations

The Apple Investor Relations Department helps to quench the thirst of its investors as well as others. They have worked really hard in order to build their company image. The steps they are talking is helping to garner positive reaction from all the interested parties, be it the shareholders, the customers or the media people. It helps to raise the price of their stock and because of the launch of super popular items such as iPod, iPhone and iPad, Apple Inc. has been able to do so effectively.
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It is also attracting more and more investors to invest their money in their company as the profit is increasing every year and is shown clearly to everyone through the Apple Investor Relationship Department. People can also learn about what new products are to be expected. They provide teaser videos, images and information about their upcoming products through their Investor Relations website. It helps to create more and more demand of the product and therefore it is not surprising that the products get a great number of orders even before their release.

This helps in attracting more and more new consumers and new investors while also helping Apple to keep their current Investors and current consumers loyal to them. Not only that the Apple Investor Relations Department works restlessly in order to raise their capital and also to get financial leverage. It helps to add more assets and in turn more value to the company. It also helps in acquiring new companies as well as getting new wholly owned subsidiaries. All in all, we can say that the IR Department of Apple Inc. is a strong one that has been helping Apple from the very start in becoming who they have become.